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MHDM Welcomes the judgement on Mohd Hidayat


18 November 2015

Reference to the judgement today (18 November 2015) by the Malaysian Court.

The judgement and sentence by the Malaysian Court today against an individual who insulted and disparaged a Hindu God and its followers is enthusiastically welcomed by the Malaysia Hindhudharma Maamandram (MHDM) as a further reinforcement of recognition and respect for all religions in Malaysia.

The message is strong and clear that Malaysia continues to adhere to the Rukun Negara principles of Belief in God for all Malaysians, and the Rule of Law in Malaysia.

MHDM urges that individuals like Mohd Hidayat and Alvin – whose highly distasteful postings are repulsive to all Malaysians – should be acted upon with greater purpose and speed… so that both peace and harmony, which are so vital for our nation, are maintained steadfastly; and the public’s faith in the authorities to act fully and faithfully is upheld. In the case of Hidayat, his tactic of using an assumed name to double the damaging effect of his blasphemy should be viewed as a double offence which deserves the utmost punishment.

MHDM also supports the Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi in his emphatic stand against “insulting the religions of others and belittling other people's cultures”. MHDM is equally opposed to incidents like the tearing off of pages of the Al-Quran, programs aimed at demeaning religious practices of others, as well as all veiled forms of insult to the various cultures of Malaysia.

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