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Ban K.Veeramani from entering Malaysia


Malaysia Hindhudharma Maamandram condemns the proposed visit by the leader of the atheist Dravidar Kazhagam of Tamil Nadu, K.Veeramani.

The agenda propagated by this group is against the principles of Rukunegara. Dravidar Kazhagam which is active in Tamil Nadu is determined to change religious and traditional norms including removal of the sacred ‘Tali’, the symbol of Hindu marriage. The agenda is propagated under the pretext of removing superstition. This is a despicable act of disrespect to the entire Hindu beliefs and customs.

The roots of Dravidar Kazhagam lie in the Self Respect Movement, founded by E.V.Ramasamy in 1925 in Tamil Nadu, India. What started as a movement to champion for equal rights has been blown out of proportion by challenging Religious beliefs and rituals of the Hindu Community. The revolutionary actions that spur from this ideology are completely unsuitable for Malaysia.

Malaysia Hindhudharma Maamandram fully supports the call by Malaysia Hindu Sangam President Dato’ Mohan Shan to ban K.Veeramani from entering the country.

Maamandram further warns all interested parties, not to proceed with the agenda of inviting, hosting or supporting K.Veeramani. A visit by this negative personality will only cause confusion among the Hindu Community in the Country.

Maamandram urges the Home Ministry to look into this matter seriously and ban K.Veeramani from entering Malaysia and from having any influence on the Religious traditions and practices of this multi-racial and multi-religious Country. Our Rukunegara is ‘Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan’.

Radhakrishnan Alagamalai AMN


Malaysia Hindhudharma Maamandram

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